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Actuated Ball Valve

The actuated ball valve is manufactured to ANSI B16.10, B16.5, and B16.34 dimensions in class 150, class 300, class 600, class 900, class 1500, and class 2500 ratings. Body and ball materials available include Duplex, carbon steel, Monel, stainless steel 316 L, Alloy 20, bronze, Hastelloy C, Titanium, LF2, and 254-SMO with ENP trim. Seat and stem materials include graphite, PFA, Delrin, TFE, Teflon, RTFE, reinforced Teflon, PTFE, UHMWPE, Viton, and Kel-F. Actuated ball valve parts are available for top entry, side entry, two-piece, three-piece, and diverter valve designs. Contact us to find out more about the products we carry such as our Saunders diaphragm valve and polypropylene lined valves. You can also fill out our RFQ form to request information for the part you are looking for.

Electric and Pneumatic Actuated Valves

Electric actuated valves have proven successful and dependable in varied applications and in the most extreme environments. Installation of these valves have been simplified and made economical for knowledgeable technicians. Good electric actuated valves can be mounted in many versatile positions, have a compact designs, and provide efficient, compact gear training assembly for high torque applications. Pneumatic actuated valves provide extra drive power with a single piston or double piston drive providing maximum starting torque at its drive shaft.
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