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A major problem for many manufacturers is finding a source for components that can meet the needs of a niche market. Particularly when it comes to plant and machinery for chemical processing, specialist engineering or biomedical activities, finding a supplier that can produce parts capable of withstanding extreme or demanding conditions can be a challenge. This is where we can help, producing a wide range of alloy 20 ball valves and other essential parts that can cope with whatever you throw at them.

Built With Acid Resistance in Mind

The alloy 20 check valves we supply are created from a carefully blended alloy that maximizes their resistance to sulfuric acid and a number of other commonly used chemicals. If you’re creating a system which needs to house reducing chemicals or other corrosive substances, our alloy 20 check valves could be the perfect solution. The alloy includes nickel, molybdenum, iron, copper and chromium, resulting in a robust, adaptable material that’s suitable for a number of diverse projects.

Various Types of Alloy 20 Check Valves Available

We make valves in a good selection of shapes and sizes, ensuring we’ll normally have something suitable for your needs. In addition to creating everything from duo check valves to swing check valves, we can also provide a number of different shapes, finishes and sizes. Options include a stem extension, an extended bonnet and a vented body which has been cleaned for chlorine service.

Dependable Company with Significant Industry Experience

We’ve been supplying mechanical and electrical parts to manufacturers for some years now, providing customized solutions that really work. If you’ve got a tough project that needs high grade alloy 20 ball valves, wafer check valves, duo check valves, piston check valves or similar, we can meet your needs. We offer a responsive, professional service and pride ourselves on filling your order on time and within the agreed budget. To find out more or discuss your requirements, call us at 631-242-2498.

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