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Hills McCanna Butterfly Valve

McCanna Butterfly

The McCanna butterfly valve is a device renowned for its reliability, functionality and design. It features off-centered disc, stem seal, steam bearing, and unique seat design. Due to its unique designing this butterfly valve is able to handle a range of operating conditions, including exposure to corrosive chemicals, acids, gases, alkalies, hydrocarbons, water, and a variety of other fluids. McCanna butterfly valves are suitable for many specific services include vacuum, steam, nuclear, oxygen, cryogenic, sour gas, double block/bleed, as well as dry chlorine in gaseous or liquid forms.

Information on specifications like body material, pressure class, trim and other features can be requested through our component part request. We also offer other products such as the Alloy 20 ball valve and the glass lined diaphragm valve.

Hills McCanna Butterfly Valve

The unique off-centered disc design of the McCanna and Hills McCanna butterfly valve guarantees lower operating torque and less seat wear. The incorporation of stainless steel taper pins allows perfect disc closure and enables the off-center design to form a cam-like action. This motion releases the disc from its TFE seat and prevents unwanted disc drag and averts seat deformation.

Material build-up from slurries and suspended solids is eliminated by the wiping action of the disc works. To learn more about the features of the McCanna butterfly valve, like the spring-loaded Belleville TFE stem seal system, maintenance-free operation and unwavering compression, contact Authorized Parts.
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