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Hartland Contactors and Motor Starters

Hartland Motor Controls Company

Hartland Controls Company, now a unit of Littelfuse Industrial Business Division, brings Hartland controls designs and Hartland controls associates engineering team together to manufacture internationally recognized electrical components and custom solutions of configured assemblies for unique product solutions to customers demanding high quality, specific requirements of OEM markets. The existing product serves changing customer needs and applications for vehicle charging stations, overhead door systems, water heating appliances, and other unique assembly relays, contactors, transformers, and motor starter applications where reliable starting and safe stopping is intended. Superior quality capacitors require reliable starting capacity that Hartland engineering delivers. They design domestically, market faster, and warehouse locally. This amounts to meeting the rigorous domestic market for Contactor aftermarket applications and other aftermarket applications for relays, transformers, and capacitors to international standards. Hartland controls designs and capabilities include assembly and testing. Customers are assured of immediate availability from Authorized Parts, Inc., a Hartland Controls stocking distributor.

Visit our company website for online ordering of contactors for direct, same-day ship from our Deer Park warehouse. See:

Hartland Product Capabilities 

Hartland manufactures industrial electric controls in both A/C and D/C voltages from 20 amp to 1500 amp ratings. The product line encompasses Relays, capacitors, Contactors, Transformers, Magnetic Motor Starters, Replacement Contact Kits, Replacement Coils, and Relays. Custom or specialized contactors include Normally Closed Poles from one to five positions, DC actuating coils and Reversing Contactors, Reversing Motor Starters. OEM contactors are manufactured for Carrier, Trane, and others. Definite purpose NEMA type contactors with solid-state overload relays and auxiliary switches. Hartland, the company, was founded in Rock Falls and was sold to Littelfuse after a previous affiliation with Products Unlimited Corp. of Sterling Illinois.  

Hartland Part Numbers

The original Hartland Controls Contactor and Magnetic Motor Starter products had Arrow Hart series numbers of CRA, and RA before becoming Products Unlimited Model 86, Model 93, Model 96, and Model 98. When Hartland Controls morphed from Products Unlimited, the 3100 and Millennium Series ACC designs became Hartland Controls HCC and HCR designs. Authorized Parts, Inc. has produced a handy cross-reference guide to convert older designs to current model numbers.

Contactor Labeling

Contactor designs have remained the same, but in some cases carry a different label. For example, the Hartland model HCCY is a direct replacement for TYCO / Products Unlimited  3100Y. Therefore it is critical to specify the model number when seeking a direct replacement. OEM labels may include Fasco, Mars, White Rogers, Cooper, and Furnas. All contactors hold agency approvals of (U.L. 508 guide NLDX2, File E75492, C.S.A. C22.2 number 14 file LR49598, CE / SEMKO certified, EN60947-4-1:1991, TUV, and IEC 947-4-1 and RoHS2 2011/65/EU.

Contactor and Motor Starter Base Contactor

Base contactors are manufactured with industry-standard baseplates or OEM-designed baseplates for special applications. HCC Series and CON Series Definite Purpose Contactors are arranged in configurations of single-pole, single pole with shunt, two-pole, three-pole, and four-pole, in amp ranges of 20 amp, 25 amp, 30 amp, 40 amp, 50 amp, 60 amp, 75 amp, 90 amp, and 120 amp. Auxiliary Switches and Termination options are shown in drawings posted in the Authorized Parts, Inc. library.

Contactor and Motor Starter Coil and Terminal Selection

The HCC and CON Series Definite Purpose Contactors manufactured previously as Arrow Hart and Products Unlimited Model 86, Model 93, Model 96, Model 98, 2000, and Millennium Series are manufactured with a multitude of Coil Voltage Options: 24 vac, 24 vdc, 36 vdc, 48 vdc, 120 vac, 115-125 vdc, 208-240 vac,230-250 vdc, 277 vac, 440-480 vac, 575 vac, in tape wound or molded designs. Terminal options are furnished as industry-standard: 10-32 combo screw with quad QC (20-30 FLA), 10-32 combo screw with dual QC (20-30 FLA), Sems plate 14-4 lug with dual QC (40 FLA), 14-4 lug with quad QC (40 FLA), 14-2 lug with dual QC (50-60 FLA), and 14-1 lug with dual QC (75-90 FLA).

If a special terminal requirement is needed, please submit an RFQ on our easy to use form at

Contactor and Motor Starter Replacement Parts

Replacement Contact Kits and replacement coils are easily replaced in Hartland Controls Contactors and Magnetic Motor Starter model HCCY. Please specify the contactor model and coil voltage when ordering these parts. Part numbers are available in the Authorized Parts Technical Library or purchasable online at our company website.  

Auxiliary Switches

HCCY and HCC- Series Hartland Controls contactors are given a variety of auxiliary switch options: Single unit interlocking configurations of 1 NO / 1 NC break before make, with .250″ quick connects. 1 NO / 1 NC break before make with 6-32 screw terminals. SPDT .250″ quick-connects or SPDT circuit with two switches per side x .250″ quick connects. See the Hartland Controls catalog in our Technical Library for part numbers. 

How to order Hartland Motor Controls 

To order please select the part number or number of poles, amp rating of the contactor or motor starter, coil voltage, and trip amps if ordering a motor starter. 

Submit your RFQ for quoting on Authorized Parts website easy to use form at:

Contactor and Motor Starter Repair Services

Contact re-tipping services, rebuilding and replacing of contacts and coils is a service offered. The Contactor or motor starter should be sent in for evaluation before a price is quoted.

Hartland OEM Part Numbers

Often, model HCCY, CON, and CON contactor numbers are obscured by an OEM number. Some of the OEM partners include Carrier, Trane, Hobart, Onan, and Lincoln Electric. Examples of disguised part numbers are Lincoln M12161-68U, Onan 3070664, and Hobart 31866. All of these are basic Hartland products carrying a different part number. CON-1/24/30 1 24 VAC 30 1/bx

Hartland Aftermarket Part Numbers

Hartland Controls Model HCC- and HCCY are OEM contactor numbers. There is a separate line of CON contactors. Hartland Controls Model HCC- and HCCY are OEM contactor, whereas  Hartland Controls Model CON aftermarket contactors. The HCCY, HCC-, and CON contactors are the same product carrying a different label. Examples of CON aftermarket part numbers are: CON-1/24/30, CON-1/120/30, CON-1/240/30, CON-1/24/40, and CON-1/240/40 1 240 VAC. The Hartland Controls designs, quality, brands, manufacturer, availability, and engineering remain the same.


Yes. Other manufacturer’s contactors and NEMA type motor starters cross-reference to the HCC, HCCY, HCC-, and CON Series Definite Purpose Contactors and vice versa. TYCO, Products Unlimited, Arrow Hart, Fasco, MARS, Furnas, and Square D are examples of manufacturers with equivalent products. However, not all design features are the same, so care should be taken when evaluating.

Yes, some. All valve testing requirements can be made available for Hartland contactors and motor starters. Please specify when ordering.

Yes, CON contactors and Hartland Controls Model HCC- and HCCY are the same. Hartland Controls Model CON aftermarket contactors. The HCCY, HCC-, HCC contactors are OEM contactors that are the same product carrying a different label. The Hartland Controls design, quality, manufacturer, availability, and engineering remain the same.

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