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ITT Grinnell Valves

What Valve Types are offered by ITT Grinnell?

The Grinnell product line has undergone ownership changes over the last couple of decades. To understand which division to contact for each type of valve, it is important to outline the different valves that were central to the Grinnell product line.

Identifying an ITT Grinnell Valve

ITT Grinnell has a history of distinct markings often found in OEM equipment where control of chemicals is required across various industries. Categories of products and fire protection services that account for most of the product line are Diaphragm type products, Grinnell Corp fire products, now Simplex Grinnell products,  like grooved couplings, fittings, and UL/FM valves. The history of Grinnell Corp the company and the brand, which was purchased, is now manufactured under a variety of names, but still offer the same series of well-designed products. See Dia-Flo, ITT Grinnell Corp, ITT Engineered, and Grinnell Corp. 303 markings. 

Grinnell Diaphragm Valves

 Now ITT Grinnell Diaphragm Valves offers bubble-tight shutoff, throttling, and streamlined flow available in a host of body materials.  Cast Iron, bronze, stainless steel 316 and 316L, cast steel  WCB, PVC, alloy 20, monel, ductile iron, CPVC, and Kynar, with optional lining materials of neoprene, glass, soft rubber, hard rubber, PVC, saran, polypropylene, tefzel, Hypalon, and butyl. Configurations of end connections on both weir type and straight body styles are threaded, socket weld, flanged, buttweld, and screwed ends. Optional bonnets include indicating, non-indicating, travel stop, air actuated, air actuated with spring-return, chain wheel, and handwheel operated. These are marked with distinctive “303” part numbers and currently identified as ITT Engineered Air Motors, Dia-Flo Diaphragm Valves, ITT Grinnell Valves, ITT Diaphragm Valves, ITT Engineered Valves, Grinnell Valve, or Grinnell Air Motor. 

ITT Grinnell Size Range 

   Size Range covers 2″ to 36″ across a variety of pressure classes. On wafer and lug styles butterfly valves the Pressure Ratings on 2″ thru 12″ is at  250 psi, 14″ to 24″ at 200 psi and 30″ to 36″ at 150 psi. The Flange Standard is ASME Class 125/150.

ITT Grinnell Accessories

Products can be equipped with accessories such as locking devices, valve positioners, wrench Operators, limit stops, and position indicators. 

ITT Grinnell Diaphragms 

Specific diaphragm materials available in natural rubber, butyl, buna-n, nitrile rubber, EPDM, Hypalon, Teflon backed EPDM, Teflon backed Viton, Teflon backed Hypalon, Viton, white butyl, PTFE and ethylene-propylene 325. Weir Type and Straightway Diaphragm Valves with an Air Motor manufactured by ITT Grinnell include 3100 Series Fail Open Actuators(Spring to Open – Air to Close), 3200 Series Fail Closed Actuators(Air to Open – Spring to Close), and 3300 Series Double Acting Air to Open – Air to Close Actuators. The Fail Open Actuators and Fail Closed Actuators have replaceable springs.

For a valve recommendation send all pertinent application data as an RFQ to:

Grinnell Bronze and Iron Valves

Grinnell manufactured a complete range of bronze and iron valves: Angle, Ball, Butterfly, Check, Gate, Globe, and Needle, including a line of electric and air actuators to mount to the bonnet.  This product line, except for the butterflies and the UL FM product line, has been discontinued. However, Authorized Parts, Inc. has the ability to cross-reference these valves.

Grinnell Butterfly Valves

Grinnell Flow Control Butterfly Valves are now manufactured by Emerson as the Series 60. These are ideally suited for HVAC, the heating ventilation and air conditioning sector, water treatment, process, and irrigation markets.

The Grinnell Butterfly, manufactured as WC for Cast Iron Wafer, LC for Lug Wafer, WD for Ductile Wafer, and LD for Ductile Lug, are offered with disc materials of Ductile Iron/Nickel Plated, PVDF, Coated

Ductile Iron, EPDM Coated Ductile Iron, 316 SS, and Aluminum Bronze (Al-Brz) The available seat materials are Teflon, Buna NBR, EPDM, White, Neoprene, Viton, Black  Neoprene, Hypalon, Natural

Rubber, and Food grade EPDM. The valve can be lever-operated, manual gear operated, electric actuated, or air actuated. 

How to Specify or Order an ITT Grinnell Valve

To order please select the valve type, valve size, pressure class, body material, and end connections. Include options like by-passes. If no figure number is known, specify the details of operating conditions as a starting point for specifying a valve. Also, what functions do you wish the valve to perform? For air motor sizing choose one of the three basic types. Include pneumatic factors for instrument air, line media pressure, and any additional relevant details or options.

Submit your RFQ on Authorized Parts website easy to use form at:


Authorized Parts, Inc. had extensive literature on Grinnell valves. We can cross your valve with a valve that is currently manufactured in a different make. Crane, Powell, Jenkins, Stockham, Walworth, Rockwell, Nibco, Kitz, and Fairbanks are examples of equal products to the Grinnell bronze and iron line of valves. To learn more about these options complete our RFQ form.

Yes. Other manufacturer’s valves cross-reference to ITT Grinnell. Saunders, Dia-Flo, Pure-Flo, Dow, Resistoflex, Century, and Hills-McCanna are examples of manufacturers with equivalent products. However, not all design features are the same, so care should be taken when evaluating. Be especially careful when reviewing the face-to-face dimensions when making comparisons. 

Yes. All valve and air motor testing requirements can be made available. MTR’s, NDE , Pressure Testing, Radiography Testing, Magnetic Particle, Dye Penetrant, PMI, Positive Material Identification, Hardness Testing, Failure Analysis, spark testing, or electrostatic and hydro-testing per ASTM 1545. Note: The Pressure Rating of the valve is influenced by the diaphragm material. The hydrostatic test pressure must not exceed the maximum pressure rating of the diaphragm.

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