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Lonergan Valves

J.E. Lonergan Valve Company

Originally known as J.E. Lonergan Valve Company of Philadelphia, Lonergan Valves has undergone a series of owners, but the original Lonergan safety relief valve SRV and pressure relief valve PRV have maintained their integrity. Ownership has gone from Pentair to Reyco, from Reyco to Tyco

Currently Under the Ownership of ARI Reyco, ARI Armaturen USA LP

The original product line included Navy valves, pressure gauges, steam whistles, oiling devices, water level gauges SRV’s and PRV’s, is now just safety relief valves SRV, and pressure relief valves PRV.

Lonergan Valve Model Numbers

Original J.E. Lonergan Valve Company series model numbers: ABS, ABB, ACA, AAA, FBF, FBT, FBA, D, DB, DO, GIF, GBF, L14, JL14, L40, JL40, L41, DH, EIF, BBJ, LCT-14, LCT-40, DS, R, BBJ, BIA, BCA, BAS, YBJ, YIA, H, HK, HU, TBB, HCA, HSS, VAK, have now taken on new part numbers, but designs remain the same. There are also a series of interim numerical codes that have now been replaced. 11-H-200, 12-H-200, 13-H-200, 14-H-200, 23-H-200, 34-H-200, 41-H-200, 42-H-200, 44-H-200, 41-W-200, LCT-20, LCT-11, 11-W-200, 15-W, ARV, HDF, FSS, T, TR, TL, TLG, HRV, HRN, HRX, HTC, T-DP, 13-W, and 43-W. For Datasheets for these models, accurate detailed information is available in the form of pdf or an electronic data manual that contains individual technical data sheets to support the selection of valve.

Lonergan Valve Markings and Nameplate Data

When replacing a Lonergan Valve it is important to obtain inlet and outlet sizes, end connections, set pressure, coding requirements (for capacity of steam Lbs./hr, an air of gas cfm, or liquid, GPM values). Inlet and outlet flange class options are Class 150, 300, 600, 900, 1500, 2500, and 4500. If Ring Type Joint (RTJ) is required, please specify. Buttweld end or socket weld end connections must include bore schedules when generating an RFQ or order. They are available as standard, 40, 60, XH, 80, 100, 120, 140, 160, or XXH. 

The Lonergan valve will also be embossed with a body material code. This can be represented as ASTM A126 Cast Iron, B62 Bronze, A105 Carbon Steel, ASTM A182, Grade F11, Grade F316 / F316L, Grade F22, Alloy 20, or Monel. The standard spring material is Chrome Vanadium

Lonergan Valve ASME Code Certification

Safety relief valves, SRV, and pressure relief valves PRV, are manufactured in conformance to Section VIII of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code for air, steam, and liquid service. Capacities certified by the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors. NACE Code valve certification included. 

How to Order a Lonergan Valve 

Submit your RFQ on Authorized Parts website easy to use form at: and we will quote. 

Please include Size and Model Number, or: Size, Valve Type, Body and Trim material, Pressure Class, end connections, and any special code requirements. Include set pressure, service media, and temperature, and required capacity, if any. 

Safety relief valves, SRV, and pressure relief valve PRV Replacement Parts

Lonergan Valve replacement parts are available for virtually every component of a valve assembly. Valve body, valve bonnet, replacement gasket kit, spring, nozzles, guides, discs, and spring steps, if identified by model number and size are normally stocked. 


Yes. Other manufacturer’s valves cross-reference to Lonergan and vice versa. Spence, Consolidated, Crosby, Lunkenheimer, Reyco, and Kunkle are examples of manufacturers with equivalent products. However, not all design features are the same, so care should be taken when evaluating.

Yes. All valve testing requirements can be made available, including MTR’s, NDE, Pressure Testing, Radiography Testing, Magnetic Particle, Dye Penetrant, PMI, Positive Material Identification, Hardness Testing, and Failure Analysis.

Yes. Only the first letter in the model number has changed. Form, fit, and function remain the same.

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