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Rockwell McCanna Valve

Lunkenheimer Valve Company Products from Authorized Parts

The Rockwell McCanna valve is a top-entry wedge seated ball valve. Valves manufactured by this company are available in regular port sizes from ½” through 20”, pressure classes ranging from 150 to 1500, and in full port sizes ranging from 1” to 16”. A wide variety of body and trim materials are available, including carbon and stainless steel, titanium, nickel, Monel, Hastealloy “B” and “C”, Alloy 20 and many others. These valves can accommodate any fluid, as well as gasses, slurries, semisolids, viscous substances, and even some molten materials.

Please contact us to learn more about these components as well as the electrical controls and other specialties we offer. We also offer other products from the Jenkins Valve Company and the J.E. Lonergan valve.

Being versatile and durable, these valves provide top quality components. Quarter turn and low torque features make these valves especially suitable for remote applications with pneumatic or electric actuators, particularly in high cycle frequency requirements. The wedge-seat design of Rockwell McCanna valves allow a wide range of seat material and tight contact assures an even, non-binding elastic load at all pressures, temperatures and all stages of seat wear. This provides a positive leak-tight shut off for the full life of the seats.

Rockwell McCanna Actuator

The Rockwell McCanna actuator and valve bear the McCanna seal, signifying these components as a part of 43 successful years in severe service applications. By their design, these Rockwell McCanna products provide reliable and consistent operation in the most volatile settings, and are available from Authorized Parts. Rockwell McCanna Actuators have uni-directional and reversing characteristics. They can be found in NEMA 3 class, NEMA 4 class and NEMA 7 class.
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